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Prison inmate rips off colleague's lip

Important information needed to get to the public! Published in the newspaper, and circulated immediately. Then posted on the news website for more efficient propagation. The people must know of the "
bloody clash between two inmates"
The people have a right to know.

Man dumps human excreta in classroom

Urgent news that is required for personal improvement of each member of the society. Must be brought the the attention of as many citizens as possible. Money has been invested in order to make the news reach the deserving ears. This newspaper is committed to its sole purpose of delivering the right information to the largest possible portion of the population. Needed to be posted on the news website that the court has "
granted 100 Ghana cedis bail" to the man in question.

Farmer dies after drinking poisonous substance

Rocket science! Much to the surprise of all those involved, a farmer was found dead after he had drunk a poisonous substance. This news is reported due to its grave significance and the deep repercussions that the discovery could have on the people closest to the farmer, both emotionally and during the incident. It is not surprising that the news article could not omit the vital information that "
He is believed to have forced the girlfriend, Ayishatu Mohammed, 16, to also take the substance."

Dear Public, please take precious time to indulge in these very vital news features that is proudly brought to you.

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