It is the moment you have.
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Make a difference



One individual
One person
One character plays its role in the play of life
One with one another form impressions
And treat each other
Because it takes one moment to become "that one"

Its in the nature
Of One
From the day of birth
That One be the way they are
It is in the world they entered
That one becomes who one is

Each is made by the interaction of the world on one
And of one on the world.
We are who we are because of self and world
It does take the two to tango.

Racism, classism, agism, arrives not at birth
Child enters with tears, makes a fist, and knows to kick
But hurts no one till life rips the innocence from his heart
The world we present for our future shapes the future we live.

If the country needs to progress, move forward, leave behind the past, be more liberal, more accepting, richer, today is the time to shape the world for that.
We need leaders that have the passion, the vision for change.
We need the citizens who know and understand the importance of such.
Shape a world that influences nature in the way it should
So we can all be the change we need to see.

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