It is the moment you have.
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It passes a second at a time
Like tousands of single crumbs make a loaf
Time heals,
Time tells
Time goes never to return

Time shows
Time knows
But does time destroy?
Born a day, so pure so fresh
With the passage of time comes age
Age erases innocence
Does time destroy?

Everything has a begining and an end
Like everything that starts, it must finish
It ends after its time has passed
So, does time really destroy?

Time is celebrated
In age,
In loving the things we waited for the right time for
We stretch out processes,
Till the time is right
When the time comes for it to end
It is usually not a happy moment in time

Time destroys, rots, ends, finishes, steals, hurts, takes away the memories we make, the moments we lived and the worst thing is that, it never gives it back.

The more time we give a moment, an emotion, a situation, a state of mind, the more importance it has, and the more powerfully it influences our lives.
If you give procrastination the most time in your life, it becomes the most important thing about you, giving less time to pro-activity.

The relevance of NOW is its competition against time. Use it.

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