It is the moment you have.
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It Is

What makes you worthy is not just the light
It is not the skin
Nor is it your smile
It was never the way you look at me
I know it couldn't have been your gift
In your hand you melt pain
You annihilate anger
You fill rooms of laughter
With joy of hearts

It is not your soul
It is not your imagination
You build a world of diamonds
From the ashes of the dead embers
It is not the flame
Alight in your heart
Nor is it your spirit, your will to win
It could've been all you can do

It could be all you have done
It can easily be where you are going
The path of greatness reached and kept
Not your sudden flight
Nor your toil at night
It can be your family
The strong foundation
Of a concrete womb that craddles you
Feeds you
and molds you to the man you are.
Of all it's not and could have beens,

Who you are, above all else.

It is....
the space you leave, when you are gone.

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