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He whispers sweet nothings to the baby,
Her ears swallow the fibs with the honesty of innocence
He knows the sugar filled dreams she has
Her reality, she finds in him: what she thought was fantasy!
Craddling eggs, he prances around the glass of her heart,
Padded feet of a lion make no sound,
But in his mouth, his teeth tear through skin, flesh and muscle

Porcelain doll, wide eyes cannot shut to the world
But they only see the dreams of the ornamental world
He promises her dreams, her thoughts he sees.
It is easy to read the mind of a child: flowers, sweetness...
The depth none can drown in

Garnished in beauty her jewels about her
Gaurded from prowlers, only to award the thief who asks for it
The bleeding heart, body and mind
Purity ends, her life begins.
Creamy, shiny polished ceramic shatters with the fall from cloud 9
A woman is born.
Life begins
The wide-eyed never see the truth till they have lived it.

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