It is the moment you have.
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Homeless In Love

Cuddling, sweet talking the two cooed at each other
Making puppy dog eyes and giggling
No love scene is ambiguous,
Even when it is to the players in the movie
A theatrical scene easy to interpret
These two were in Love.

It mattered not
The senselessness of time wasted
And opportunities milled by
These two had each other, and nothing much else

Alone, they were surrounded by the world
Life and shoppers
In their home, they had the privacy of onlookers
Most who found this more than strange
Under the hot summer sun, their bodies should have been heating up

With their yellowed teeth, their breaths should have gagged them both
Not begging,
Not sad,
Not wondering
Not caring.
Barely clothed
Caked with months of dirt
They were in complete bliss
Uncaring of what they missed.

My boyfriend will say, it is all that matters- the three words that change the world. The Lord says, it is the strongest and most important of virtues. Starry eyed girls wish and dream and hope.
Why did I want them to stop wasting their time?


My Life

The things I wonder about, are the things that change and the ones that dont. The ones that make a difference and those that matter little. The things that scare and inspire me to desire something else. The ones that make me want to change the world, and then wonder what that kind of change will do to the world.
My fears, my dreams, my beliefs and my aspirations are all the same. They keep me awake at night.
My fights, my battles, my triumphs and failures are equal; they teach me everyday.
My life, my experiences, my thoughts, my actions and the consequences live together as one; I regret none.
In the wisdom breathed by the words of my first, "You can control your actions but never the consequences of your actions."
I wonder, in my hope of tomorrow, am I ignoring the reality of yesterday?
In forgiving the mistakes, am I ignoring the possibility of them repeating?
In enduring the pain, am I denying my life of happiness and brigther Joyful days?

Questioning stills faith.
In, out, with and about people.


Lies Awaken

She lies awake,
The lies awaken her blind soul.
Mind's turning churn, slowly peels the skin off the truth
There! Lies beneath
She thought she had the one
The best,
Hunting was her worst sport and the worst game hunted her
Poison seeping in through the epidermis of her inner soul
In penetrates her whole-
Begin to see
To feel..
To know..
To love; not all but,
But first, then.
That is only when
Loving will spill out to the right one.


In Another Man's Words

The validating words strung together by others
Is a well received gift, worn to prove
That we were right about ourselves.
And our unspoken thoughts;
Hopes only,
Till they are said by another
Become the truth



Exonerated! Free!
Mercy on my soul
Living liberated by the payment of Another
A step above;
A lot better, than the other
The greatest sin of the blessed, is their belief in their own righteousness.



The tone rings in her ears,
Announcing the life of the moment's death
The minute passes quietly
But the scream of the pain deafens her breath
She wonders what the next moment's emptiness will fill like
One step, one motion, one way or another,
She continues to mourn her death,
And she has to live with that
The reality of now, renders the fantasy unnecessary
The warm wetness, overtakes her shoulders and they shake uncontrolled
She refuses the slavery of the moment
She takes on a will full breath

Too short,
Too sweet,
Too abrupt,

Teased, then tossed