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Homeless In Love

Cuddling, sweet talking the two cooed at each other
Making puppy dog eyes and giggling
No love scene is ambiguous,
Even when it is to the players in the movie
A theatrical scene easy to interpret
These two were in Love.

It mattered not
The senselessness of time wasted
And opportunities milled by
These two had each other, and nothing much else

Alone, they were surrounded by the world
Life and shoppers
In their home, they had the privacy of onlookers
Most who found this more than strange
Under the hot summer sun, their bodies should have been heating up

With their yellowed teeth, their breaths should have gagged them both
Not begging,
Not sad,
Not wondering
Not caring.
Barely clothed
Caked with months of dirt
They were in complete bliss
Uncaring of what they missed.

My boyfriend will say, it is all that matters- the three words that change the world. The Lord says, it is the strongest and most important of virtues. Starry eyed girls wish and dream and hope.
Why did I want them to stop wasting their time?


Shels said...

love it.
i just thought of all the love birds we saw by the water yesterday.
But Stary-eyed girls should be careful though, because there are some people come only to steal, to kill and to

Matekwor Azu said...


Anonymous said...

What else does your boyfriend say ...

Matekwor Azu said...

other things i dont want to share! :-)