It is the moment you have.
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Make a difference


My Life

The things I wonder about, are the things that change and the ones that dont. The ones that make a difference and those that matter little. The things that scare and inspire me to desire something else. The ones that make me want to change the world, and then wonder what that kind of change will do to the world.
My fears, my dreams, my beliefs and my aspirations are all the same. They keep me awake at night.
My fights, my battles, my triumphs and failures are equal; they teach me everyday.
My life, my experiences, my thoughts, my actions and the consequences live together as one; I regret none.
In the wisdom breathed by the words of my first, "You can control your actions but never the consequences of your actions."
I wonder, in my hope of tomorrow, am I ignoring the reality of yesterday?
In forgiving the mistakes, am I ignoring the possibility of them repeating?
In enduring the pain, am I denying my life of happiness and brigther Joyful days?

Questioning stills faith.
In, out, with and about people.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Complex, but well expressed. Life's existing 'contrarieties', huh? The same concerns keep me awake at night.

Tiny T said...

Loved it. Best yet.

Matekwor Azu said...

@Anti-rhythm: Glad to know we are in the same club!
@Bay: Now that makes me happy!