It is the moment you have.
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There are moments that make it
The ones that cant be forgotten:
Baby's first steps
Lovers' first kiss
I do.

Tiny milliseconds amassing to a milestone
Lived, relived, remembered, unforgotten
A change,
A new beginning:
A beggar's millionaire moment
An addict's clean break

As deep as a virgin's first tearing heartbreak
Purer than true love
The first three magic words
The night I opened my eyes,
And saw my friend for the first time,
I knew who you were then.

Today It has been shown once again
Like those moments you spoke the truth
That this
Is more than just
The truth like that night in January showed

I need to keep my diamonds safe-
The night thief gives no warning before he strikes
I consider myself more blessed than the usual victim.

You are truly the best.


It Goes

Tomorrow drives by
In a car so fast, it looks like today
That was yesterday
The gift becomes the memory
Of time never regained.

I wonder what my future yesterdays will be like.