It is the moment you have.
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Size Matters

Once told that It stretched far, and wide,
Cat immediately dried its mouth.
Its desire was gone,
Its wants were not there
Not that she wasn't greedy,
Or did not want the biggest there was to have

Size matters when its advertised.
Skill, rates performance,
But pomp before play is arrogance.

Size matters when It is the wrong kind of big.


In Depth

Once overheard a conversation between Head and Heart
One Soul could not fail to watch
Eavesdropping on the deepest concerns
The Two battled it out
This way and that
Answers to questions unasked
The Soul couldn't beat at the Heart
She couldn't tick by the Head

But Soul knew that long after both
She would carry on and on and on



A gift that so quickly passes.
A fleeting moment soon to be remembered
Not to last forever,
Now is always here
It soon passes to remain present.

Once gone, it is before.
Before can either be celebrated or mourned
The difference is in the appreciation,
and advantages taken of the gift.



In today's world when fighting for one's country means fighting against humanity i choose to stand for the wrong.
For we once were told to fight for "what is right", sacrifice big to gain something everlasting
And we stood for what was right and lost ourselves.
We lost our people.
We lost who we were
Even while standing in freedom, we are captives of our past

So now, when asked to stand by who is right,
I choose to stand for the wrong
Just so, maybe,
I can save myself and those who will stand with me
We will have our country to call our own.


Empty of Nothing

Writer considered,
And prodded the folds of her mind
Of what thoughts to share,
But there were none.
The hollowness of her thoughts screamed louder than the most deafening silence
It kills to see how little we have to give, when the gifts we offer are most precious
to ourselves

Writer searched through the nothings,
Throwing out everything there
Each thought too precious to give
Till she gave up.

Out came the truth: All she had to give