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Empty of Nothing

Writer considered,
And prodded the folds of her mind
Of what thoughts to share,
But there were none.
The hollowness of her thoughts screamed louder than the most deafening silence
It kills to see how little we have to give, when the gifts we offer are most precious
to ourselves

Writer searched through the nothings,
Throwing out everything there
Each thought too precious to give
Till she gave up.

Out came the truth: All she had to give

1 comment:

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

And, Matekwor/Writer, that was a lot to give. I found a lot of truth in your words. You did not need a story. You found beauty in your writing. One step closer to your definitive work of our (the Holy Grail of all writers). I loved your word play and internal consistency. That has got me smiling all this morning. Your 'nothing' was quite a lot of things!