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In today's world when fighting for one's country means fighting against humanity i choose to stand for the wrong.
For we once were told to fight for "what is right", sacrifice big to gain something everlasting
And we stood for what was right and lost ourselves.
We lost our people.
We lost who we were
Even while standing in freedom, we are captives of our past

So now, when asked to stand by who is right,
I choose to stand for the wrong
Just so, maybe,
I can save myself and those who will stand with me
We will have our country to call our own.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

The deep, 'conflicted', patriotic(?) side of you, huh? There had to be something complex about a poet. Nice. Will you kindly explain your inspiration (I know poets do not like to be asked) ;-)

Shels said...

very deep Flossy. love it.

Mike said...

"Right" is relative. Always depends on who you ask. History tells me "Right" hasn't been right for my people. I'm on your side.