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Size Matters

Once told that It stretched far, and wide,
Cat immediately dried its mouth.
Its desire was gone,
Its wants were not there
Not that she wasn't greedy,
Or did not want the biggest there was to have

Size matters when its advertised.
Skill, rates performance,
But pomp before play is arrogance.

Size matters when It is the wrong kind of big.


Myne Whitman said...

Ehhhh, what are we talking about here? hehhhehe. I think I get the general idea. Egos and all...

novisi said...

i love this for it's 'cheeky' wind!

the words size, cat, mouth, skill make the whole show a pomp before during and after the reading!


Anonymous said...

Matekwor so small joke i made u take em personal... ooooh u SLACK!...... ah and wasn't it about the baby rather?? ..... OOOOOOOH YOU SLACK BAAAAD!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I knew it had to be you, i knew it was it is you eh? I knew it was F----- Azu. I enjoy reading your poems hehehe, u know my favorite are Now and Size Matters. Anyway, you know me too. Keep it up! I however, challenge you to try to come up with and focus on more different forms... abi you know what the form of a poem is? Yeah, so try mixing and matching and hope you have fun doing that. I also write but no on blogs like this...

hmmmm... interesting stuff.