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Kind Forgiveness

Yesterday I wiped my tears,
To wipe my pain
I wiped your sins
I made you walk away unscathed
While my scars bled open till they caked closed

Today, I accepted your unspoken apology
I felt what I thought you had to say, and told myself
I made it alright for you to do
It all
and walk
move on,
Leaving me stuck in the spilled blood.

Tomorrow, the blood I swam in dried me
The liquid life saw my death in its veins
As my silent truth drowned out the music of my heart.
Tomorrow I come back to this kind forgiveness
Yesterday's lie
Lives in today's truth
As now I see that my healing doesn't come
Without your pain.
To laugh again
I need to see you cry.


Something New

Make something new today before the day expires
The death of it looms outside my window
With the lullaby for the sun
Turning stale wheels
The cranium hurts with exhaustion
The fresh dews smell of death
As the fall of the season births the end of happy warmth

Today so quickly perishes
To welcome the promise of the new gift
Something new
I put together
A new joy,

A new meaning for those three.



The image lied to her face
Showed her the truth not within
She looked.
Stared harder and tried to uncover
What was in the hidden revelation

As useless as the hidden lamp
Lighted to be chased away by dark,
Her beauty meant nothing to her
What use was it, if it could not be seen?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
All those who behold her might as well be blind.
Her beauty cannot be seen.

only felt