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Kind Forgiveness

Yesterday I wiped my tears,
To wipe my pain
I wiped your sins
I made you walk away unscathed
While my scars bled open till they caked closed

Today, I accepted your unspoken apology
I felt what I thought you had to say, and told myself
I made it alright for you to do
It all
and walk
move on,
Leaving me stuck in the spilled blood.

Tomorrow, the blood I swam in dried me
The liquid life saw my death in its veins
As my silent truth drowned out the music of my heart.
Tomorrow I come back to this kind forgiveness
Yesterday's lie
Lives in today's truth
As now I see that my healing doesn't come
Without your pain.
To laugh again
I need to see you cry.


Sadik said...

loves it!

Myne Whitman said...

To laugh again
I need to see you cry.

Love the last lines. This is good.

Shels said...

As for you eh, your poetry just makes my heart skip a beat! too gewd too gewd! u dun write posts often but when u do, its waawolo.

I love the last line .. 'To laugh again, I need to see you cry' .. That is so true..sad but true, afterall we are not Jesus chale, we only try.

Tiny T said...

You are improving! Kudos

Jemila said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

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