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Greatest Men

Few of them walk the earth
Heads held right,
Many strutted across the country
Deluded by the size of their nothingness
What makes a great man?

Some are the first to rule,
With the same fist many before them have,
They dwell in a shell painted with the chocolatey goodness
None of the ghosts before wore.

Some were the only ones to bear
The labours women do
Pushing through to bless with life
They have changed the life gifted to them

Others were the first to place their foot
Where no man was created,
Nor placed by Him
A place that supports none of His form, breath nor image

Some were born in a skin they shed
To die in one they bought
Others lost their freedom
To liberate their nation.

What makes a great man?
Innumerable qualities define him as great,
If you see
the way he shows the meaning of his love.
You would agree.


Shels said...

i like deeees one...
@ deluded by the size of their nuthingness ---> 'he n his ego, it goes wherever he goes, his ego is his imaginary friend...' lol (pls no underlying beyonce meanings)

Myne Whitman said...

This is a very good one, some lines are packed with so much meaning! I like the last paragraph though.

Matekwor Azu said...

Thank you guys! I think you two are my favourite commenters!
Keep reading, it keeps me writing.