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The death of a true friend always hurts
The tears dry, with the chilling ice of frosted years.
It slaps you in the face,
The truths of the many nevers to come.
Never see that smile again,
Never hear that laugh
Never hold that hand that held you through

The death of a loved one never dies
It lives on,
Lingering in the shadows of your mind.
A constant reminder of the dark lonely days to come.
Changed dreams, the paths of your nightmares cross your fantasies
Jabbed in the way are new memories made.

The end of love never fades
When the one, is the none,
One can never see another.
Walk back to the times hand in hand
And the sweet memories awaken the bitter realities

Nothing hurts like losing you.
My friend
My family
My love.
The hardest thing, is the best for me
Keep living without you.

You forgot me.
Too easy to have been love


Myne Whitman said...

Quite a touching one.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I agree with Myne. And the line "The death of a love one never dies" is eternal! You an a creator.

Flossy said...

Thank you guys!!! This one here just crawled up on me.