It is the moment you have.
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This Love Thing!

When soldiers head for war, they risk their limbs,
Their senses and their lives as they’ve always known it
For something worthy
When a virgin gives her first, she risks years of regret,
No retakes and a lifetime’s memory
For one worthy
When a mother conceives, she sacrifices her body
Her tight youth,
And bubbly firmness
For those worthy
When lovers risk,
They risk it all for…
Falling for one, who may never be;
Giving to one, whose memory may hurt to last
Body, heart and soul up on a stick of forfeit;
Time’s prison
Money’s captivity
Kisses’ sting
For that one, who may never be.
We risk, fearing not, the deadly monster in
This LOVE thing



The very thing I love about writing stops me from putting my words down whenever I choose to embark on this lyrical journey.
Each time I lay my words down, they are eternalised.
And I share them with the world.
I open my dusty window and whoever cares to, can see deep into my guarded house.
I began the New Year still
Just lost in my grieving world of thoughts
Putting together the plan for the rest of my journey
To decide which foot to put down first was the most difficult battle
Considering what I am opening up to them to see,
I forgot that I may also look out the window.

I love what I see.

Destructive Distraction

"I charge you, stir ye not, nor awaken my love, till he pleases"
Warned the wisdom of the book of the King of Wise words
"Love hurts, "
Meaningful words out of washed up overused mouths
The cliche holds true.

What is this
that holds my breath
and feeds my lungs the air of life?
What is this, that paints pretty pictures
of futures unknown
And ends my life with its death?

Until he pleases,
my life's quest is to awaken him
To the beauty of the beats in my chest
Drumming a tune I yearn for him to dance to.

Until he pleases,
My pleasures will not erupt
Caving in my hollow,
I seek a way to sprout
I will not awaken me,
Until he stirs.

I heed not the warning only the wise understand.
How can I choose wisely, my path for life,
When this love robs my reasoning?