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Left Behind

Chocolat filled pains,

And exquisite delicacies,

Raved and rattled about.

Gallant acts, of chiseled features, immortal

Mouth-watering hips of delicate silk wrapped

Cherry lipped, mocha tainted, hazelnut windowed pillars

Of the revolutionisation of aesthetics

Phenotypes not pleasing, but glorifying to the eyes

Exceptional jewels adorning, delicate physiques of unmistakably intentionality of artist creation

Gorgeous teeth, musical laugh, mesmerizing aromas, crippling spices,

Taste bud waking sensations, ringing through the beings, blessed by such moments

Stunning talents, unique abilities, unforgettable beings of enviable personalities,

Musical laughs escaping the perfect part, escorted by the ideal whiff of warm exhalation

Breathtaking sculptures from unclone-able hands,

Hilarious jokes, evoking rippling laughter simply at the recollection of it's first utterance

Timeless words, the works of a genius of all time

Discoveries, inventions, first and only of its kind.

Amazingly immortalized, the essence of meaning, beginning or love, woven around it's core.

Irreplaceably unchallenged value.....

But then...

what about the plain?


Shels said...

you'll be surprised, dat d plain aint so plain after all.. it jus depends on who is watching.. who is listening .. who is touching.
yet i must agree, the masses tend to appreciate the most conspicuous. a shame init.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...
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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

"Taste bud walking sensations"? "Breathtaking sculptures from unclone-abled hands"?

You got skills!

Matekwor Azu said...

Thank you once again. sigh. Shels, it is a sad shame.