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Prized Possession

If I had a man's love,
What would I do with it?
Will I take it everywhere with me?
Will I feed it?
Clothe it?
Nurture it?
Will I massage out it's knots?
Or will I beat out its kinks?
Will I cradle it?
Or will I rock it to sleep?
Will I swing it high?
To electrify its senses?

If I won a man's heart,
What will I do with it?
Will I keep it close and dear?
Will I stay away, lest it hurt?
Kick it?
Kiss it?
Will I sell if for a fortune?
Or give it to the homeless?
Will I frame it up to be admired?
Or will I safely tuck it under my dreams?
Will I hold it in my hand?
Just to I wear it on my sleeve?

If I gained a man's trust
What will I do with it?
Will I value it?
Treasure it?
Guard it?
Will I tell the world about it?
Or will I live with it alone?
Will I know it's true worth?
Or will it be a mundane fool?
Will I it stay with me forever?
Like the love they say never ends?

It must certainly be a rare prize to gain,
The love,
The trust,
The affection of a man
It has to be worth life's toils,
But, what will I do with something so precious,
If I was spared the fight
And chosen to win?


Shels said...

Another thought provoking one..

its true, we tend to 'rosh' things we don't fight for, but in due time..we see what its worth.

blogoratti said...

Intriguing..well done!

Matekwor Azu said...

Thank you guys! Keep reading!

Lyrix said...

First time here. I am loving your poem. Keep writing.