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She literally had to bite her tongue to keep from blurting out the truth. Sad thing is that, it probably wouldn't have changed anything. Her mind did a frantic sweep, trying to make any sense out of the situation, but it was hopeless.
As her eyes watered with hot tears from the pain, she felt her mouth flood with salty saliva. She bit harder and kept her eyes open, unblinking she endured the burning sensation of the cold wind.
Finally, one fat tear set out on a labored pilgrimage down her cheek.
"I know! It is so sad, but don't cry for me. I know that I will survive though this hard love is the one that I have chosen for myself."

Of all the baffling questions that plagued her mind, she wondered exactly why she tolerated this nonsense long enough to inflict physical pain on herself. Her sick attempts to comfort her friend meant she had to literally suffer.
Through clouded eyes, she clearly saw the truth. That her love sick best friend spent endless nights pining for the one who treated her worst. She had fallen for the worst and chosen to love him nonetheless. A fool for love; she called her. Standing before her, she saw the face of her mirror, in her friend's eyes. A fool for love, she pained herself to be there, and to shed fake tears.

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