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Tired Souls

Heavy sacks of bodies
Dragged in after a day
Of boring mundane work
The aching muscles
Of war's lost
And battles defeated
Tell tales of moments past
Left and buried
To be forgotten

Tears dried, show maps
Of roads taken
And ones wished not
And fingers worked
To the bleeding bones
Scream of days gone,
Wailing for tomorrows approaching
Persons' sinking
Under the weight of beings

Souls are exhausted
With the excruciating realities of life
Tongues are heavy with the sorrows of truth
Eyes are glaringly weary with the sores of times
And now,
Oh, now sings a dirge; stringed together by the notes
of nows gone and nows to come.
The elegies that last forever,
For life's battles neither cease
Nor decease.

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