It is the moment you have.
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Baby thoughts trickling through my head,
Dancing around,
Kicking up sand,
Awakening in me
A yearning for their birth;
A myriad of dreams
Crystallized in wake,
Blowing kisses
And little infant nudges,
Begging for a nipple to suckle.

Scrambling to grip
The sand slips through tightened fingers
And the smoke is blown away
by the breath that born it
And again the chase begins
Taunting my consciousness
And challenging my memory
to an ever losing battle
The notions start again.

In the mirror of my life,
Tears mixed in joy
Paint on a canvas of pain
Strengthened with happiness;
And hope found in disdain
Backs a hollow pithiness of dreams

Then the image forms again
Once more,
then another time.
As the muscles of my life tighten,
The free escape.
It is not till I learn to let go
That I can learn to gain.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

A general comment. You really keep very tight control of your poetry (or the diction in it). I have great respect for that. People who know, seem to place such mastery even above imagery. And imagery you have too. I am SERIOUSLY impressed.

Matekwor Azu said...

Anti-rhythm, you have stolen my breath with your compliments, thank you very much.