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Pointing Fingers

Blood seeping through the gashes in her heart,
Filling her body up
With more hollowness
And the emptiness
Choking out
Her being
Her life
And her...

Her swollen eyelids stuck together
Tightly sealed
With the cement of expired tears
And the tiny slits she could see through
Were salty and crusted over
Blurring the world around her
And pushing her farther into the darkness

Her quivering voice was not enough to fully carry a sob,
And her body could tremble no longer
Shaking with the eruption of a fresh wave of emotion
She wrung her body dry
Then she knew she could cry no more,
And the dry streams stung her eyes
Aching in their sockets, they felt
Like the pieces of her hardly pumping heart

Served a fresh platter of pain,
She was filled with everything
Remorse, hurt, anger and dejection
Played their parts, taking the roles
In the theater of her life.
Each enemy had done his sin,
Love being the biggest perpetrator of all.

Each one had showed up
And owned up to their crime
All but one.
The self had failed to note
She allowed herself to be hurt.


Anonymous said...

Deeeeeep oooo. I like this one.

Lyrix said...

Life and love are risks that we take each moment we live. You have to open yourself to hurt when you want both to happen; life and love.

Shels said...

You're such a poet! :)
Hard feelings chale, hard feelings.
If she didn't hurt she wudn be human, wud she?..

Matekwor Azu said...

You have spoken Shels, you have spoken.
@Lyrics, your words are true!!