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Blinded by her tear swollen eyes,
She saw only the darkness in her heart;
The pain of death crushed her
And her weak muscles failed to let her breath,
Suffocating in her body
And drowning in her tears
She knew it was her fears she was living.

The light was blindingly sweet,
And fight as she may have
She lost the battle to Love.
The sunny days had been sweet and intoxicating;
The laughs had rocked her into delirium
And the delicious kisses had lingered forever.

Anew, the fresh dew of love
Had caressed the petals of her skin
And her gifts had been carefully,
And painstakingly wrapped before presented.
Today, the blindness revealed the truth

And the storm erupted.
Resurrection was out of the question
She will be dead forever:
But in death, she was born again.
Born to see the truth,
Never to believe in the impossible:
The illusion of beauty expires eventually.


Lyrix said...

Great! Life sucks but there is always hope.

Shels said...

..After the storm, there is peace.. and thats sumthn to look forward to.

Matekwor Azu said...

@Lyrix: Thnx!!
@Shels, please I miss you. Thank you.