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Maybe I care too much,
Maybe you are constantly on my mind
Maybe I check myself in the mirror again,
to make sure when you see me you will smile
Maybe when you smile, my heart dances
As I watch the sun rise on your face
Your lips part to greet me in a warm light
of the joy that you are.

Maybe I like your touch
Maybe your body warms me from the soul
Maybe I want to spend every minute with you
Maybe when I laugh at your jokes
and at your "I love you's"
It's because I hope you really do
Maybe I get angry because that thin line is so easy to cross
Maybe I am insufferable because it's almost impossible to be without you

Maybe I am so terrible because I am scared
Maybe you are not sure because I hide
Maybe I know the shadows of my history are constantly chasing me
Maybe if I stop running, they will overtake me
And outrun their cause
Maybe my worst is not so bad
Maybe I dont want to dissappoint.

Maybe, just maybe my dear
I make it so difficult because I love you.