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Maybe I care too much,
Maybe you are constantly on my mind
Maybe I check myself in the mirror again,
to make sure when you see me you will smile
Maybe when you smile, my heart dances
As I watch the sun rise on your face
Your lips part to greet me in a warm light
of the joy that you are.

Maybe I like your touch
Maybe your body warms me from the soul
Maybe I want to spend every minute with you
Maybe when I laugh at your jokes
and at your "I love you's"
It's because I hope you really do
Maybe I get angry because that thin line is so easy to cross
Maybe I am insufferable because it's almost impossible to be without you

Maybe I am so terrible because I am scared
Maybe you are not sure because I hide
Maybe I know the shadows of my history are constantly chasing me
Maybe if I stop running, they will overtake me
And outrun their cause
Maybe my worst is not so bad
Maybe I dont want to dissappoint.

Maybe, just maybe my dear
I make it so difficult because I love you.


Shels said...


I think this is the 'simplest' poem u've ever written on ur blog. Its simple, but not simplistic (lmao, can't believe i just said dat)..the 3rd part is my fav. u've tried.

Anonymous said...

Like! Like! Like! Like! This really struck a chord in me.....sigh

Tetekai said...

Long time, Matekwor.
I love your poems and this is no different.
Please keep them coming. :)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It's the texture! It's the texture of this ballad that grabs my attention. It's full of soft and subtle suggestions from the persona to the person addressed. It is even approaching slightly apologetic. But it gets round finally to say it loud and clear (maybe that was not even necessary, considering the tone of the rest of the piece).

I read it twice over the first time, and it's really great.

Mys.Tery said...

The last 3 lines tell it all!
Love it Flossy, hope this love is requited then leads to NM. HAHAH!!!
<3 U!

blogoratti said...

I thought that was lovely...

Flossy said...

Thank you guys!!! Thank you so much. Your comments keep me writing.

hepson said...

It leaves me speechless not bcoz maybe it is touching, but bcoz it is touching and lovely

Peace & love