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Shooting Star, Shooting Star...

Grant one wish for me tonight
I wish in life's sweet innocence
With the white of my little girl's heart
For Love to hear my cry.
I wish for him to thirst my joy
I wish for Him to hear ..."Amen"
and with one nod grant my deepest desire.

I wish for him to find me-
The diligence of a shepherd's frantic search
With efforts greater than the stone pushing, geometry raising,
Bare handed and bare backed sweaty Egyptians of ancient modernization.
That kind of work that has kept my mind awake
And my heart hungering through pitch-night.

I wish for him to rest
Only after my smile has warmed his soul
And in content triumph he knows
That all he has wanted in life,
He grips tight as his dreams crystallize,
In rocks of shiny coruscation
Adding on the years of always
And never letting die...

1 comment:

Tetekai said...

I just don't know what to say. I love what you do that is called poetry. Keep it flowing.