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His Eyes

Warm rays gently kiss the windows to his soul 
Golden flecks dance upon the crystal epidermis   
What treasures they endeavor to behol' 
Nought one as priceless as it's butterfly kiss 
But tease you to flirt with the depth of the brown 
A brown so pure it becomes in flashes- gold 
Centered by the honesty of dark piths
Ingested, locked behind the shut open gates to who he is
Yet enthralling in the truth they seek. 
A comforting gaze, gently boring...
Flicker and the mirage deceives in coy pretense
Unknowing, unfeelingly loving and familiar 
Tenderly trenchant, the drops spill as an accidental waterfall quenching desert hearts



For days I have laboured to detangle the iron bars wrought around my heart.
But as I perspired, the harder they clenched their grip in an unbreakable squeeze
Smothered into silence, my body was numbed and the words of my feelings couldnt scream
The mind slipped and the soul barefly lingered as the threads that sew together the fragments of my being were unraveled.
Push as I may shove, my sweat only fertilized the pot of my enemy
I am dead if my soul cannot speak