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Rooted Woman

I am from the home of silver and gold
Draped across the windows
They hang and in the wind flow
Their astonishing beauty
The bed of black and white
The sounds that bring in light
The clothes on my back
Taken from Irina’s rack
The place where in the moonlight glow
Mummy places her head on all those pillows

I am from that one house
Which has a backyard you’ll love to browse
Arched walls the leaves from the mango tree falls
Pawpaw trees in the wind sway ‘cos they are free
The palms dance as though it were their last chance
The garden, the gate, the gravel driveway; come in, take a glance

I am from that street that isn’t neat
The noise of the road workers and the midnight lurkers
Phone booths, people speaking loudly, some uncouth
The taxis parked near the little corner store
From my room I sometimes hear the waves crashing on the shore

I am from Mataheko
The place Joshua’s dimples, now replaced by pimples
Brought me such joy. Daddy crept through the house
Silent the cutest little mouse
Mummy always heard on the block
Irina, Caleb and his belly, Naa followed her around; her lil’ flock

I am from
“I want you to take initiative” Daddy’s quiet wise words
“Children should be seen and not heard” Mummy’s shouted lyrics
“Early to bed early to rise” class one’s motto
A lesson I learnt for no other to trade

I am from fried plantain, chicken roasted or fried
Richest salad, fried rice, jollof and so much more rice
Shito that burns the tongue and sends the eyes diving and noses running

I am from a place of growing weeds and growing pains,
A place I love that brings me tears
Shaped, moulded and prodded, my future is told
By the futures behind me
As I strive forward,
My life proceeds backwards,
And I run faster to the nightmares I am escaping

I am from places, moments, houses and people
Welding my insides to the casing
Connecting me to the foundation I have sprouted from
I'm a rooted African woman.

Happy Women's Day