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I can’t wait till time takes an eraser to my heart,
And rubs out your name, etched on my mind.
 I hope the hangover of life vomits you out of me
 And I step over the puddle as the past pools on the ground,
Wetting the earth beneath me,
You will seep into the depths I cannot see.
I hope I learn to breathe easy
The knots of your ‘fro no longer lumping in my throat
Welling tears behind my eyelids; the sight of you two together
Stings as it blurs my vision with moistened salt,
And regret clouds my soul
How did I lose control?
I am waiting for Mother Time to massage salve
Onto my pain,
Her healing hands will bring me solace
And I will finally be able to take control of this nonsense-
My heart shall no longer race when I see you look at me
Your smile shall no longer steal my breath and my cool
Your presence shall no longer color my cheeks,
Sweat budding under my arms and in my palms
The base of my locks itch and my skin tingles
You lick your lips and mine water,
Delicious desire pools in my mouth and
I shall no longer long to suck on the sweetness of your lips
Nor dance to the rhythm of your laugh
Your voice makes me warm
I know I was not good enough for you
But I cannot wait till you

No longer are, for me.