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On Eagle Wings

I walked a dusty road once, I picked up and packaged my worthiest and flashiest possessions in the hopes of a fun life in the Land of opportunity and pried myself from the tight grip of the parents' clutch and I walked aboard the metal wings, to embrace hours of tiny crammed spaces, very dry atmosphere and painful ear-popping pressure. I embarked on the longest and most uncomfortable journey of my life to the other side, to find the greener grass. After days of no shower, and one moment of a sore awakening jolt of sunburned hands, I reached my destination of dreams and was slapped in the face by the driest icy chill known to man. Completely abandoned and left to season on my own, I felt the true desire of my mother's breasts. Soon after I waved a painful goodbye to my ever loving only sibling and embraced the distance wedged between dear high school sweetheart and I, I realized that all I ever knew and took comfort in had deserted me; money included.
Now, my life began. Molding and nurturing new friendships and mopping up the floods of a first heart ache I learned that the greener grass was very bitter and not that useful. Really, I couldn't eat the grass, nor was it tall enough to garnish my world. Even if I really wanted to go completely goat on the grass, I needed some meat to add to this very unsatisfying meal.

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